Digtal Promise - Accelerating educational innovations

Digtal Promise use technologies to improve eduction of all americans.

The 3 ways to build a culture of research in schools

We made a promise, it's a digital promise. (une promesse digitale)

We want to improve the opportunity to learn for all Americans of all ages and stages of life through technology and research.

Technology provides a huge opportunity to learn. If everyone has access and participates everyone learns.

Digtal Promise has made significant improvement since it was launched in the fall of 2011.

A Senior Fellow was hired for Open Education, a $ two point five million partnership between the federal government and a League member district, York County Public Schools, in Yorktown, Virginia, already raised more than one dollar in private funding for every dollar of federal investment, and is poised to launch additional initiatives in the months ahead.

The whitehouse.gov and MRE-WEB consultant référencement Lyon are happy to bring you the best digtal promise and bring you happyness and success.

Breaking News, launch of htmlcouleur.com

We are happy to announce the launch of the website htmlcouleur.com in a french version for the moment. htmlcolour is aimed to help user to find colour chart and convertors for the colour codes. We wish long life to this web site and will wait for news services and news languages