scarymote to scare your friends

Are you having sometime a nice evening outside with friends ? Have you ever thought about making a prank to scare them ? Scarymote is THE tool for this. Select a sound that will grab your friends attention, select a timer up to 20 minutes then hide your smart phone or tablet in the darkest place around. When the timer ends, the sound you selected will be played, then a video of a crazy ghost eyes on a dark background. It looks realistic and completly crazy, good luck to your friends underwears...

To make it successfull :

  • Volume MAX, vibrator OFF : To make sure sur all the scary sounds will be heard
  • Brighness MIN, Auto Brightness OFF : To make sure the screen of your device wont be visible in the dark
  • Plane mode ON, batterie charged, notification OFF : To make sure your device wont will stay quiete in the dark
  • Make it outdoor, in a quiete night and prepare your friends by telling them some scary stories.
  • hide your device in very dark place, a place from a where a ghost could pop and be very frightening.

And what about shooting the whole scene with a camera to make a great souvenir ?